PolitiFact Tries To Claim It’s Not “Grooming” Children To Mentally Train Them To Accept New Sexual Acts As “Normal”

(PatrioticPost.com)- PolitiFact’s role as the official “Home of the Truth-O-Meter” and independent “fact-checking” is to sift through the muck of modern American political debate and extract the truth.

Unfortunately for PolitiFact, “independent fact-checking” often resembles crass partisan narrative pushing, and the Truth-O-Meter is continually malfunctioning. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t surprised to see their fact-check on the phrase “grooming.”

Grooming, in this context, refers to teachers utilizing their positions of authority to subject young children to the very mature themes of gender identity and sexuality.

Even if the teacher pressuring children to talk about their gender identity and sexuality never touches them, they are still preying on their minds and emotions. They’re doing it without parental permission. That is mistreatment.

It has the potential to impact psychological development. Parents have discovered that their children have been assigned new gender identities without their knowledge.

When a first-grader is informed that gender is flexible and that having male parts does not stop you from being female, you can bet that they will doubt their gender and sexual orientation. It confuses. It’s being conveyed to them that their natural sense of self is incorrect. And, in their drive to please their professors, they may very easily agree to something they don’t fully comprehend.

We don’t have the figures, but we’re quite confident your typical five-year-old isn’t concerned about being tossed out of the family because they’re trans. The ordinary five-year-old has no idea what “trans” means.

Any adult discussing sexual matters with other people’s young children, whether straight, gay, bi, cis, trans, nonbinary, trinary or whatever, is acting improperly.

The implication is not that child sexual predators are predominantly LGBTQ because that isn’t the case. But PolitiFact, and many other opponents of the Parental Rights in Education Act, are attempting to label anyone that objects to sexual discussions with their child by someone in the LGBTQ spectrum as homophobic, transphobic, and queer-phobic bigots.

That is their shield and has always been the case whenever the left pushes an agenda. Trot out a marginalized group to do their bidding, and any objection means the objector can be “rightfully” stifled, ending the debate.

That technique must end, and it ends when people stop caring about what others think of them when they are standing on their principles.