Police Use Bystander’s Video To Catch Dangerous Traveler

Officers detained and escorted a man off a plane after reportedly exposing himself to a young traveler at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The incident occurred during boarding a Frontier Airlines flight heading to Florida.

Major Kelley Collier of the Atlanta Police Department mentioned that video footage captured Andrei Galynine revealing himself to an unidentified, underaged female traveler. “An observer noticed this individual acting inappropriately and began filming. During the recording, the individual exposed himself,” stated Collier in an interview with FOX 5 Atlanta.

Although Galynine managed to take his flight to Fort Lauderdale, police kept tabs on his movements and apprehended him upon his return to Atlanta. Footage from police body cameras shows the moment officers entered the flight, handcuffed Galynine, and led him out while other passengers looked on.

Collier commended the efforts of the officers and investigators. He mentioned that Galynine had past encounters with the authorities for similar behavior. “We’re optimistic that measures will be taken to rectify his conduct,” added Collier.

Regarding why Galynine was not prevented from taking his flight to Florida, FOX 5 Atlanta indicated that the person who filmed the suspicious act wasn’t aware of the specifics until she reviewed the video and reported it to the authorities.

Galynine faces charges of public indecency.

Separately, a recent incident involved a U.S. doctor being accused of indecent exposure beside a 14-year-old passenger on a flight from Hawaii. Dr. Sudipta Mohanty, a 33-year-old physician from Boston, allegedly engaged in inappropriate behavior while other passengers were asleep. After Mohanty left his seat, the young girl relocated to another seat, feeling disturbed and uneasy. When confronted, Mohanty responded, “I have no memory of that.”

Dr. Mohanty faced the federal court in Boston on Thursday, charged with committing lewd and indecent acts under the U.S. special aircraft jurisdiction. If found guilty, he could face a jail term of up to 90 days, a supervised release period of up to a year, and a fine of up to $5,000 (equivalent to $7,690).

Upon his court appearance, he was released on the condition that he avoid contact with individuals under 18 and refrain from visiting areas where they may congregate.