Photos Released Of House Putin Is Staying At With His “Secret Children” 

( A new study reveals that Vladimir Putin and his gymnast girlfriend Alina Kabaeva are hiding out in Moscow with their children, where they are living like tsar and tsarina. 

The Proekt independent media collective published a story detailing their secluded existence in a woodland castle in Valdai, where Kabaeva had her own lavish “wooden home,” around 250 kilometers west of Moscow. 

As a result of the children being “underage,” Proekt has not made public any details regarding the potential successors to the Russian presidency, including the total number of children or whether they are male or female. 

Putin, 70, and Kabaeva, 39, have long been suspected of having a kid or children together. Neither the autocrat nor the former Olympian have ever admitted they are a couple, and their kids have never been shown to Russian voters. 

The journalists from Proekt have uncovered a number of details regarding the connection between the Russian president and his lover, but they all seem like they were lifted straight out of a medieval history book. 

Putin and his purported mistress are said to have amassed a substantial fortune and property portfolio, however details of this have never been made public. 

After Putin came to power in 2000, work started on the “royal mansion” in Valdai. He ordered that it be designed “like St. Petersburg,” meaning in the opulent style of the Russian tsars. 

Afterwards, he reportedly constructed a brand-new wooden residence for Kabaeva and her offspring to call home. Some 800 meters separate it from the “golden” home. In the year 2020, work started on Kabaeva’s new home. 

The residence, which the source calls “the biggest in Russia,” reportedly has a helipad, a swimming pool, a movie theater, a terrace, and a total floor area of 2,600 square meters. 

The investigation said they have found more evidence than ever before that they had hidden offspring.  

On May 9, 2019, Proekt claimed that three medical professionals were seen during a procession on Red Square. 

Kabaeva, an Olympic gold medalist in rhythmic gymnastics, is said to have given birth in 2015 in the prestigious St. Anna’s Clinic in Lugano, Switzerland. 

According to the article, as a gesture of gratitude, the Swiss medical staff was handed VIP tickets to the event in Red Square. 

According to the article, “How did Swiss physicians, who traveled to Moscow for many days, wind themselves at the VIP stand restricted to all outsiders?” 

This question has an easy-to-understand solution. There were hidden benefits these Swiss ladies brought to the attention of Russia’s top brass. 

As the article puts it, “these were Kabaeva’s personal midwives and physicians who helped her give delivery.”