Pentagon Questions Swirl After They Reportedly Helped Kill Russian Leaders

( Over the weekend, the security community speculated about the source and logic for leaks claiming the US helped Ukraine assassinate Russian generals and sink a Russian cruiser.

According to a US intelligence officer, the overall questions are what was behind the reports and future moves.

Was someone bragging, hurting, or helping — and what should be done?

The New York Times reported on May 4 that U.S. intelligence is helping Ukraine kill Russian generals,

A senior American source said the US provided intelligence about Russian forces that allowed Ukrainians to target and kill several of the Russian generals who perished in the Ukraine war.

President Joe Biden allegedly warned three key cabinet members on Friday to stop any leaks from their respective offices. DNI Avril Haines and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin have heard Biden criticize the disclosures as careless.

The Pentagon promptly responded with a denial that left room for interpretation.

Spokesman John Kirby said last week that we do not give intelligence on top military commanders’ locations on the battlefield or engage in Ukrainian military targeting decisions. Ukraine integrates information from other partners and us with combat intelligence to make its judgments and actions.

Kirby claimed the Pentagon handed Ukraine suggestions or breadcrumbs, but no specific intelligence.

Kirby said that we offer them timely intelligence that helps them protect themselves better, and the less said about that, the better.

An intelligence official added that the problem with the disclosures is that they make it appear like we are spiking the football. The official, who requested anonymity, works for a federal intelligence agency.

The intelligence official warned that this might enrage an already hostile Russian President Vladimir Putin. He may feel emboldened moving into May 9, when Moscow has its annual World War II victory celebrations.

The Pentagon has already indicated that it assisted the Ukrainian combat effort with intelligence.

Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently boasted to Congress about secret activities in Ukraine.

Milley stated on April 5 that this conflict has perhaps been the most extraordinary and effective intelligence operation in military history. It’s incredible, and the narrative will be told.

Kirby says that day isn’t now and says that the truth is the Ukrainians have a lot more knowledge than we have.

This is their nation, their region, and they can gather their intelligence.

But our “breadcrumbs” are appreciated.