Pennsylvania Man Faces Unlawful Voting Charges

( As Democrats continue to claim that the 2020 presidential election wasn’t impacted by fraud and misconduct, a man in Pennsylvania is facing charges after allegedly casting a ballot in his dead mother’s name.

It’s just one of many hundreds of thousands of examples of problematic votes in Pennsylvania after election officials stopped Republican poll watchers from observing the counting of ballots on election night.

And this example proves just how easy it is for people to use the mail-in ballot system to cast illegal votes for their preferred candidate…including Republican voters!

70-year-old resident of Marple Township, Bruce Bartman, was caught trying to cast a vote in the name of his dead mother for President Donald Trump in the name of his dead mother, Elizabeth Bartman.

Bartman was caught and charged with perjury and unlawful voting. He was also caught trying to obtain a second mail-in ballot using the name of his mother-in-law, Elizabeth Weihman. He even used her social security and name, but the state quickly realized that she had died in 2019.

But mail-in balloting is super safe, right, Democrats?

Bartman forged a confirmation letter sent by the state to confirm Weihman was still alive, but the state denied the ballot. The vote cast on behalf of Elizabeth Bartman, however, was accepted.

The mail-in ballot system in Pennsylvania has been the subject of much scrutiny, with legal scholars and attorneys arguing that the state governor took unconstitutional measures to implement mass mail-in voting in the battleground state. The State Supreme Court also recently denied a lawsuit that challenged the constitutionality of the system not on merit, but because they considered the lawsuit not to be “timely” – ie, they said it should have been filed before the election took place.

Why does not court in the country seem to want to discuss election fraud and misconduct on merit?

We probably all know the answer to that one…

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer claimed that it was the “only known case of a ‘dead person’ voting” in his county, but did not comment on the fact that hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots were accepted without proper scrutiny from poll watchers.

Democrats excitedly took to Twitter to suggest that this is the only piece of evidence of election fraud and that it benefitted President Trump, but those who did that are wrong.

Data analyst Matt Braynard has compiled extensive evidence, documenting individual examples of voter fraud to the tune of several tens of thousand in battleground states all over the country.

But Democrats only seem to want to talk about voter fraud when a Republican voter does it.