Pennsylvania Energy Workers Turn On Joe Biden Over Extremist Platform

( While polls keep showing presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden with a substantial lead in Pennsylvania, the state’s energy sector workers are quickly turning on the candidate. Despite long presenting himself as a union man, the Democratic candidate and former vice president is concerning many energy-sector unions in Pennsylvania over his support for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s insane Green New Deal.

The Washington Examiner sat down with several members of these energy unions to discuss their opinions on the 2020 race and Joe Biden’s policies. The series of conversations occurred over the last few weeks as Biden’s radical green policies were slowly beginning to unfold. The Examiner explained how some energy workers expressed their concern about Biden’s radical shift to the left on energy policy.

For context, after saying that fracking jobs were “not on the chopping block,” Biden quickly changed course and promised to end all new fracking leases on federal land. And, in a March debate, Biden said that there would be “no new fracking.”

Jim Cassidy, a business manager at Insulators Local No.2 energy union located outside Pittsburgh told the Washington Examiner that Biden is “really one of us” and that he’s “always loved the man.”

“He scares me now,” Cassidy added. “Is he embracing the New Green Deal or whatever they are calling it? He needs to get some stuff straight.”

Bizarrely, though, Cassidy said he would still vote for Biden – despite the candidate putting his job at risk.

Him Snell from Steamfitters Local 420 located in Pennsylvania told the Examiner that he is “completely shocked and stunned” by the language coming from Biden.

“The Democratic Party has kicked the building trades to the curb, and they are all in with the environment groups,” he added.

Jeff Nobers from the Builders Guild of Western Pennsylvania, a union that represents over 60,000 workers, said that with Biden, there are some things he needs to say “to get elected” and that “there are folks giving him that leeway.”

But Shawn Steffe of Boilermakers Local 154 of Pittsburgh said he doesn’t buy the promises made by the Democrats to replace high-paying jobs in the fossil fuel industry with new jobs in the green sector.

“Biden needs to steer his car out of the far-left ditch back to the middle if he wants us to support him,” he said. “It’s not happening. I don’t see my members voting for someone who will take away their jobs and pensions over something that has a lot of half-truths to it.”

If Biden doesn’t get off the fence, Pennsylvania could become significantly more competitive than the pollsters think…