Pelosi Starts Comparing Aids To Transgender Issues

( Far-left Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the bizarre suggestion last week that the “stigma” long connected to AIDS is similar to the stigma of supporting the radical political transgender movement. Pelosi made the insensitive and offensive claim during a virtual discussion with the Human Rights Campaign conference, featuring alongside Democrat Rep. David Cicilline.

Pelosi told the conference that she considered it her “purpose” to assist with raising awareness of the AIDS epidemic when she first entered Congress.

“But what it told me was that there were, or some, not those people [San Francisco residents] exactly, but a stigma to all of this,” she said about the AIDS epidemic, adding that she learned the importance of “community-based research for prevention and care.”

“There are so many people on the outside fighting the fight and in doing so being a model for others to fight their fight,” she added.

Pelosi then said that she intends to pass the Equality Act through the Senate “one way or another.” The legislation contains various pro-trans policies, including new anti-discrimination policies that would protect trans workers from discrimination in the work place…or perhaps more accurately, make it harder for employers to terminate employees who subscribe to a radical political agenda.

The comparison between the Equality Act and the AIDS epidemic is a stretch. While AIDS requires life-long treatment and can cause major illness and death if left untreated, those who suffer from gender dysphoria have a range of options.

Some may seek counseling, while others may take the more drastic step of undergoing hormone therapy or even surgery to change their gender. Even without the “Equality Act,” transgender Americans are fully protected and subject to the same laws as everybody else.

The radical trans agenda is very much on the table for the Democrats.

Republican Senator for Kentucky, Rand Paul, grilled President Joe Biden’s assistant health secretary nominee Dr. Rachel Levine on Thursday over her previous support for allowing children to decide to become transgender.

Senator Paul asked Levine to clarify whether or not she would support giving the government power to override the authority of parents on the issue of cross-sex hormone therapy and gender realignment surgery.

Levine, a male-to-female transgender person, refused to answer the questions and both Democrats and media pundits attacked Senator Paul for daring to ask the question.