Pelosi Says The White House Should Request $45 Billion in COVID-19 Aid

( Far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that the United States is in the midst of an inflation crisis, with the cost of gas double what it was during the Trump administration and the cost of food skyrocketing too. We know this because Pelosi herself just admitted that she wanted the Biden administration to ask Congress for double the amount of money it originally asked for in emergency COVID-19 relief.

Pelosi knows that money doesn’t grow on trees, right?

During a press conference on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Pelosi said that she thought the Biden administration should have asked for almost $45 billion in COVID relief.

The president first asked Congress for $22.5 billion, but was forced to accept $15.6 billion after Republicans pointed out a series of unnecessary spending measures included in the Democrats’ proposals. Pelosi thought that both sums just weren’t enough.

Because of course she would say that, wouldn’t she?

“I think they should be double what they asked for because even when they were asking for like 20-some [billion dollars], it was only going to get us to June,” Pelosi told reporters.

Pelosi might, however, have been pulling a Trump-like move. It seems as though she thought it might be a way of negotiating with the Republicans down to a number more like the $22.5 billion originally asked for.

She said that Biden administration “must ask for more” because “we need more, and you can’t expect money, this bill, to turn around just like that because the legislative process takes time.”

What, exactly, did she think this money will do?

And why, now that the pandemic is basically over, does the government need more money?

Pelosi said that she hoped to vote on the legislation last week, but a vote has yet to take place.