Pelosi Says The Republican Party Should Be More Like Democrats

( While attacking her Senate GOP colleagues’ performance on climate change, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reiterated her mantra that the United States needs a “strong Republican party,” not a “cult.”

Pelosi said she aimed to make climate change a bipartisan issue during the opening session of the Aspen Ideas Climate Conference in Miami.

Addressing the audience at the conference, Pelosi asked how anyone in the Senate could be unconcerned about climate change?

Pelosi said that some lawmakers do, and they speak about it, but when it comes to the votes, they’re simply not there.

Pelosi said that instead of fighting, they should attempt to convince them. She wants the Republican Party to reclaim its identity and return to the days when you cared about a woman’s freedom to choose and the environment.

She roused the crowd when she said this country needs a strong Republican party, not a cult—this induced applause. But not everyone was moved the way Pelosi had hoped.

Pelosi has previously advocated for a “strong” Republican Party free of internal “cult” movements. However, her most recent remarks drew some criticism, mainly from liberals.

Filmmaker Bree Newsome wrote on Twitter – “What even is the basis of that statement? Who is this supposed to appeal to? I’m in my mid-30s & attacking civil rights is all I’ve known Republicans to do.”

Lindsey Boylan, a former Andrew Cuomo staffer who accused the ex-New York governor of sexual assault, said that those things never mattered to Speaker Pelosi, and knows she’s not stupid enough to believe this. She’s simply banking that many of us will fall for it.
Progressive activist Max Berger wrote that Republicans tried to overthrow the government, and senior Democrats keep talking about them like a buddy they wish would text back more quickly.

Kate Willett, a comedian, wrote that at the very least, the Democratic leadership is protecting our constitutional rights, but after hearing that they have opted to protect Republicans instead of Democrats.

Journalist David Roth tweeted that what Pelosi said was meaningless abstracted drivel from a very rich and very powerful octogenarian, and it’s unacceptable given that the Democrats are nominally in control right now.

Infighting amongst the left is always good theater.

Pass the popcorn.