Pelosi Says She’s Trying To Launch January 6th Commission Anyway, Despite Vote

( After Republican Senators blocked a partisan effort by Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to hound Republicans over the January 6 riots, which she pitched as a “bipartisan commission” to investigate the causes of the Capitol Hill riots, Pelosi is now suggesting that she may form a special committee anyway.

Last month, Senate Republicans blocked the bill, which was passed in the House. It would have established a commission of Republican and Democrat members of Congress with subpoena power, and while Pelosi claimed it was bipartisan, the Democrats running the commission would have had all of the hiring power and a veto over what Republican members of the commission said or did.

It was also widely considered to be an effort by the Democrats to force former President Donald Trump to testify before the panel – yet another effort to smear Trump as a supporter of violent insurrection.

Some Republicans got on board with the idea, including anti-Trump Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, but Democrats ultimately fell short by six Senate votes to establish the panel.

Pelosi said this week that the Democrats are working on finding a way to convince more Republican senators to get on board with the plans.

Speaking on CNN’s State of the Union, Pelosi dismissed demands from the Republicans to allow the commission to investigate the Black Lives Matter riots. She didn’t offer any reason ot explanation for why the riots should be ignored, but simply went on another rant about how January 6 was an “assault on our democracy.”

“The American people deserve and must have answers,” she said.

Well, Speaker Pelosi, perhaps the American people also deserve and must have answers about the $2 billion in damage caused by far-left rioters and extremists who burned down American cities and businesses in 2020.

Pelosi said that announcing a select committee is an “option” but said that she hopes the Republicans will get on board with her plan instead.

What makes the most partisan Speaker in American political history think she can score some kind of bipartisan deal, here?

Make no mistake, this is yet another effort to use the power of Congress to smear Republicans and hurt President Donald Trump following the Democrats’ failed second attempt at impeaching him.