Pelosi Infuriated By GOP’s Defense Of Trump

Democrats in Congress, led by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of California, have criticized Republican efforts to erase President Trump’s impeachment proceedings from the historical record. Pelosi has accused Republicans of being cowardly.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday, when the topic of Kevin McCarthy’s persistent calls for Trump’s impeachment expungement was discussed.

McCarthy has denied striking any such bargain, yet reports claim that he told the former president he would bring about a House vote to start the process.

When asked what she felt about impeaching Trump, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that the Democrats had no choice because he had jeopardized the well-being of our country.

She criticized McCarthy for “playing politics” and highlighted widespread doubts about Trump’s record-clearing efforts.

Pelosi said it’s up to McCarthy to decide if he wants to put his members in tough races after doing such a thing. Pelosi said it is also not responsible. She said Trump is the master puppeteer.

Adam Schiff, talking with Jonathan Capeheart of MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show,” called the efforts of the Republicans to erase Trump’s impeachments “a farce.”

Schiff claimed that the constitutional mechanism to do such a thing does not exist, and it was an empty show of respect for their least ethical leader.

Schiff made his remarks as the current Democratic President, Joe Biden, is awaiting the outcome of closed-door congressional testimony where a witness, Devon Archer, will testify that Joe Biden is compromised and corrupt, lying when he said he had nothing to do with his son Hunter’s shady business dealings.

Devon Archer, his son’s former business partner, and best friend, says that Joe Biden was on conference calls with foreign leaders offering cushy business arrangements with his son in exchange for political leverage.

Archer is scheduled to testify next week after delaying his appearance multiple times.