Pastor Claims Transphobia Is A “Sin”

( In a Facebook post over the weekend, a pastor and his wife claimed that those who identify as transgender are “divine” and urged Christians to support a movement against transphobia.

The Rev. Chris Bruesehoff, a pastor of St. Michael’s Lutheran Church, and his wife Jamie, who identifies as a “queer clergy spouse,” announced on Facebook that they were joining a campaign to fight transphobia in the church.

Chris Bruesehoff is pictured inside his church holding a sign that reads, “Transphobia is a Sin,” while his wife captions the picture, “Trans people are heavenly,” on Jamie Bruesehoff’s social media page.

According to Jamie Bruesehoff, her husband’s activism is “essential” for him to be a “leader in the church.”

Jamie Bruesehoff said it is crucial that they both, as people of Christian faith committed to justice and who love and care for transgender people, affirm that transphobia is not only a sin but that transgender people are entire and holy. “It’s wrong to be transphobic. It is divine to be trans,” Jamie said.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America is one of the Lutheran churches “considered one of the most inclusive and friendly” to the LGBTQ community. According to NPR, the Rev. Megan Rohrer, the ELCA’s first transgender bishop, was appointed in 2021 to lead North Carolina and Northern Nevada congregations.

Rebekah, one of the Bruesehoffs’ three children, was the subject of an episode of the television show “My Trans Life.” According to the attack, Rebekah claimed to have an early preference for pink and feminine clothing and discovered transgenderism at eight.

The Bruesehoffs were confident that their child would receive medication to stop “male puberty” from occurring because Rebekah was uncomfortable with the concept of the “medical side” of becoming a man. Puberty inhibitors and transgender hormones were part of Rebekah’s treatment.

Some medical experts disagree with the transgender activists’ claim that kids who experience gender dysphoria and are denied the opportunity to transition will kill themselves. According to experts, studies that suggest transgender suicide rates are frequently compromised since they solely rely on “volunteer data” and the fact that people who participate in the poll are typically powerfully predisposed in favor of pro-transgender attitudes.