Paris Hilton Spotted At The White House

( As part of her ongoing advocacy against child abuse, former reality TV star Paris Hilton visited the Biden White House on Tuesday to discuss possible legislation to ensure more protection for institutionalized children.

The “famous for no reason” Hilton tweeted a series of photos of herself posing for pictures on the White House lawn, adding that she was honored to be in Washington to continue her advocacy work.

Hilton, who visited the White House with her husband Carter Reum, said she met with policy staff and had an “inspiring time” “walking the halls of the West Wing with advocates.” She expressed delight that the Biden administration was “dedicated to fighting for the rights of all” (except parents, gun owners, unvaccinated members of the military, the unborn, or pretty much everyone else who isn’t an illegal alien or a gender-confused minor).

According to CNN, Hilton and other “survivors” of child abuse “shared their powerful stories” with White House staffers during their discussions on protecting America’s institutionalized youth.

Hilton revealed in the 2020 documentary, “This is Paris,” that she was both physically and emotionally abused when she attended the Utah boarding school for troubled teens, the Provo Canyon School. She vowed to fight on behalf of others who suffered the same abuse from the “troubled-teen industry.”

This isn’t Paris Hilton’s first visit to the Biden White House to discuss abuse of institutionalized children. She also visited in October of last year.