Parents Sue After Discovering Children Forced To Sing Pagan “Prayer”

( Three California parents are reportedly suing to stop their state’s public school system from encouraging their children to chant and recite prayers to Aztec Gods in classes. The argument put forward in their suit is that making children chant prayers to Gods that were worshipped by people who practiced human sacrifice is a violation of the United States Constitution.

Isn’t it also just a plain violation of common decency and the code of ethics of being a teacher? Who in their right mind wants to make children recite prayers to Gods worshipped by people who practice human sacrifice?

Chris Rufo, a journalist well known for breaking stories about Critical Race Theory and far-left radicalism, first reported on this bizarre part of the California ethnic studies curriculum. In his reporting, he revealed that teachers are encouraged to make children chant prayers that “invoke the deity Tezcatlipoca,” a God who was honored using human sacrifice.

The concerned California parents are represented by The Thomas More Society. A representative of the organization said that the parents are not opposed to having students learn about foreign cultures and religions, including the practices of the Aztec people.

The spokesman, Paul Jonna, said that the California State Board of Education’s current Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum goes “far beyond” teaching and directs students to pray to the Gods.

Jonna, who is special counsel at The Thomas More Society and a partner at LiMandra & Jonna LLP, said that the current curriculum is “not only offensive, but blatantly unconstitutional.”

Those parents better watch out. Merrick Garland might be on their back very soon, calling them “domestic terrorists” for expressing their concern about their children’s education…