Parents Issue Faith-filled Message After Teen Daughter Gunned Down

In a recent road rage incident in Houston, a teenage girl from Texas was shot and killed.

Last Monday, the Homicide Division of the Houston Police Department released a new sketch of the suspect in an effort to apprehend him for the shooting death of 17-year-old Louise Jean Wilson on December 10, 2023.

As she and her companions were making their way to Galveston to witness the sunrise on I-45 via Houston at around one in the morning, Louise was shot.

According to Detective Caleb Bowling of the Houston Homicide Unit, the 17-year-old had inadvertently swerved into the suspect’s vehicle last month. Bowling said that the teen had graduated from high school in 2023 and was just a few credits away from completing her associate’s degree. The man in his twenties was allegedly at the wheel of a black sedan when he “overtook” Wilson’s vehicle from behind and then began firing shots, according to the police.

Louise pulled over onto the shoulder and stopped her car not to crash and save her friends. She did this after she was mortally shot in the chest. Since then, she has been hailed as a heroine.

Wilson was shot multiple times before she died from her wounds. Two male witnesses were present; one of them was shot but is now in stable condition; the other did not get hurt.

The exact number of people in the suspect’s vehicle is unknown.

Her father had a message for the person guilty of her murder.

At a news conference last week, the distraught dad stated, “This is not the country” that he and his family “fought to defend” while serving in the military.

Lousie Jean Wilson dreamed of becoming a K-9 handler and joining the police force. Both rodeo and animals were very important to her.