Officials Warn Of Hacking Attacks That Will Target U.S.

( United States government officials are warning American businesses that cybersecurity is a bigger issue than ever before.

Jennifer Granholm, the Energy Secretary for the Biden administration, said over the weekend that the United States energy grid is extremely vulnerable in the wake of a number of recent attacks, and that U.S. businesses face the same level of threat.

Not to mention the damage that could be done to businesses and the rest of the country if the energy grid goes down…

Granholm said that there are malign actors trying to disrupt the American energy grid right now, and that the private sector and energy sector both face thousands of attacks generally.

On Sunday, Secretary Granholm expressed real fear over foreign malicious actors hacking America’s energy system and said that if the hackers are successful entire regions of the United States could be left without power. The recent Colonial Pipeline hack, which was rumored to have only been solved by sending millions of dollars in ransom to the hackers, is a sign of what can be achieved.

And instead of warning hackers that the United States will fight back, Granholm simply admitted America’s weaknesses to the public and then claimed that President Joe Biden is “working with our allies” and with Russia, because she says those countries also “don’t want to see their sectors attacked by malign actors.”

…but what if they are the countries that are responsible for the attacks in the first place?

Senator Lindsey Graham, the Republican legislator from South Carolina, responded to the interview on Sunday saying it was time to simply hold Russia accountable for the hacks. Which makes more sense.