Officials Refuse To Tell Where Omicron Patient Entered U.S. At

( You’d think that after seeing how badly lying to the public during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic turned out, that public health officials would do things differently a second time around. However, reports suggest that both state and federal officials are taking the same route now that the much-hyped “Omicron” variant of the virus has begun to spread across the country.

On Wednesday, the White House confirmed that the first case of the Omicron variant had been detected in San Francisco, and that the person infected by the virus came on a flight from South Africa.

Given that there are no direct flights from South Africa to California, however, it means that the infected individual – who has not been named – must have traveled to at least one additional airport before arriving in California. It is unknown how many people may have been exposed to the new variant, but at the same time, it’s unclear whether this new variant is any more dangerous than the Alpha and Delta variants.

The White House and public health officials have refused to say where this person connected, and how long they stayed there. New details about the case were revealed in a report by the Los Angeles Times, but nothing relating to the exact journey of this individual was revealed.

Conservative news outlet Breitbart attempted to get to the bottom of the story, contacting both the California Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but received no information from either inquiry. The Centers for Disease Control redirected to the inquiry to the California Department of Public Health, but the department then refused to provide further information citing “patient confidentiality.”

If they can say that the patient arrived in California, why can’t they say where the patient stopped?

It’s this kind of secrecy that just makes the people trust the government less – and who can blame them?

Perhaps the only explanation for this bizarre secrecy is the fact that President Joe Biden just banned travel from South Africa – and that making it appear as though this patient came directly from South Africa strengthens his rationale for doing so.