Ocasio-Cortez Tries To Block Selling Arms To Israel

(PatrioticPost.com)- Last week, Squad member and anti-Israel Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced that she was submitting seven amendments to the annual National Defense Authorization Act that would “collectively seek to end” what she called the United States’ practices that contribute to human rights abuses. And one of those amendments would prohibit the sale of precision-guided munitions to Israel.

According to a statement released by her office last Thursday, this amendment would prevent the $735 million direct commercial sale to Israel of Boeing’s Joint Direct Attack Munition tail kits. These kits are what turn unguided bombs into GPS-guided missiles.

AOC believes that because civilians were killed during Israel’s battle with Hamas last spring, the US should not be providing them the means to defend themselves from future attacks by Hamas. It also really bothered Ocasio-Cortez that Israeli rockets that destroyed the building where Hamas was headquartered also destroyed the offices for the Associated Press and al Jazeera.

In other words, Ocasio-Cortez wants to punish Israel over Hamas using human shields.

Though, nobody was killed during the strike on Hamas headquarters because Israel, monsters that they are, notified residents in advance so they could vacate the building – something Hamas never does when it fires rockets into Israel.

This is the second time Ocasio-Cortez has tried to block the sale of Boeing’s JDAM kits to Israel. When the Biden administration informed Congress of the weapons transfer in early May, Ocasio-Cortez, along with fellow Israel-hater Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Democrat Mark Pocan of Wisconsin, submitted a joint resolution of disapproval in an attempt to block the sale.

The matter, however, was never brought to a vote because it was already determined that the Senate version of the same resolution put forward by Bernie Sanders was submitted too late to stop the transfer.

This is hardly surprising. There is a reason Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was named one of the least effective members of Congress in April. While she introduces a lot of legislation, not one of them even make it out of committee.

It is likely Ocasio-Cortez’s amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act will die on the vine as well.