Ocasio-Cortez Failed To Disclose Money

(PatrioticPost.com)- Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sure does make a lot of noise when she’s pushing her ultra-progressive views.

But, news has emerged recently that shows she kept it quiet on something directly involving her campaigns.

A recent report from The Washington Examiner points out that a former staff member as well as her campaign “were found to have failed to report roughly $1 million in expenses.”

An investigation was conducted for the last two years that ultimately found that Saikat Chakrabarti, AOC’s one-time chief of staff, funneled $1 million through two political action committees — Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress. The investigations were conducted by the Federal Election Commission.

That being said, for some reason, the FEC ultimately dismissed a complaint that was filed in March of 2019 by the National Legal and Policy Center regarding this matter.

In response, the NLPC’s attorney, Paul Kamenar, said in a statement:

“The FEC has gone after a whole host of people whose violations are dwarfed by the scale of this scheme. It appears to be not prosecutorial discretion, but prosecutorial favoritism.”

The complaint details how the former chief of staff funneled all that money into two additional groups. This was allegedly a violation of FEC rules, which dictate that candidates for federal office can only receive individual donations of $5,000.

The FEC report ultimately concluded the two PACs didn’t disclose the disbursements properly.

The New York Post basically labeled the PACs as shell companies in this instance, which is a fairly accurate description for how AOC and her campaign handled the financing.

The NLPC isn’t just taking these findings lightly, though. They have filed a new lawsuit targeted at the FEC since they failed to provide a good reason that the complaint was dismissed, The Post reported.

The organization’s director for its Government Integrity Project, Tom Anderson, told The Post recently:

“It was highly irregular for the FEC to release its statement of reasons after the deadline for us to file suit.”

The FEC voted to dismiss the complaint that was filed against AOC more than 30 days ago. However, they only just recently released the findings of their investigation.

In addition to Sakrabarti, the complaint filed by the NLPC alleged that Frank Llewellyn, a campaign treasurer for AOC, had a hand in funneling all of that money through the two companies that were, in the end, controlled by the former chief of staff.

AOC has spent a lot of time and energy railing against the traditional politicians in Washington. Along with her colleagues in the so-called “Squad” in the House, she has pushed for a completely new approach to politics that leans way far to the left.

She’s received a lot of praise from some people as a result, but she’s also received a lot of criticism, too. She and the Squad members tout controversial programs such as Defund the Police, yet they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their own private personal security.

And now, AOC apparently has broken federal campaign finance laws, though she won’t be paying for that any time soon.