Obama Spotted Golfing With Black Eye And Bandaged Hand

Tafari Campbell, private chef to President Obama, slipped under the water and drowned while paddle board surfing at Edgartown Great Pond last week. His body was discovered in the ocean on Monday morning, near the former president’s residence on Martha’s Vineyard. 

At this time, Campbell’s disappearance is not being investigated as suspicious, although it is essential to note that he was not wearing a lifejacket.

Several anomalies, however, have emerged, prompting some to question the accident. Official records did not specify the cause of the 911 call that triggered the search. No one knows who Campbell was with during the collision since the police won’t say who they are.

Barack Obama was photographed playing golf at the Vineyards Club with a black eye and a bandaged hand. Michelle Obama was also there, out on the tennis court. 

Some explained away the need for the bandages, arguing that they are just sports bandages meant to protect golfers’ hands from blisters. 

There have been other observations as well. Some have said the media pushed a narrative saying Campbell drowned because he couldn’t swim, while his social media postings prove he knew how.

According to early accounts, the Obamas were not in their home during the accident. It was later revealed that the Obamas were in Martha’s Vineyard and not home then. Their daughters Sasha and Malia may or may not have been home, but they were seen leaving Martha’s Vineyard the next day.

Neither the lady who dialed 9-1-1 nor the person who was with Campbell at the time of the accident has been recognized.

Earlier last week, Jesse Watters was concerned about the ever-changing “facts,” saying

that several pieces of evidence point to the possibility of a cover-up.

Tomi Lahren speculated that the public would never get “the full story or the truth” about what had transpired with Obama’s chef.

“What occurred, exactly?” she asked, noting that there have been many modifications to the tale, casting doubt on its veracity.