Obama Says It’s Time For Americans To Pay “Price” And Target Russia More

(PatrioticPost.com)- In a statement, former President Barack Obama condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and acknowledged that there will be “economic consequences” to implementing sanctions against Russia. In a statement, he appealed to people all over the world to condemn Russia and offer support to the people of Ukraine.

Just one day after Russia launched the so-called “special military operation” – which Putin described as a “peacekeeping mission” – in Ukraine, former President Obama issued a statement roundly condemning the “brazen attack” on Ukraine.

“Every American, regardless of party, should support President Biden’s efforts in coordination with our closest allies, to impose hard-hitting sanctions on Russia – sanctions that impose a real price on Russia’s autocratic elites,” he said.

The sanctions have been placed on five of the biggest banks in Russia as well as oligarchs and rich families in Russia with deep connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Obama said that there will be economic consequences to imposing sanctions in Russia, but said that the United States should be “willing to pay to take a stand on the side of freedom.”

It must be nice to be a multi-millionaire, to have the press on your side no matter what you do, and to never have to worry about paying the bills during a recession and a period of extreme inflation, right?

Not only do you not have to worry about the economic consequences of a proxy war with Russia, but Obama can brazenly tell the people of the United States to shut up, accept it, and be willing to pay.

With Russia providing around 10% of the world’s oil and effectively powering most of Western Europe in terms of natural gas supply, fuel prices are expected to skyrocket. Not only that, but Russia is one of the biggest exporters of several major metals and even wheat.

Are you happy to pay more for food and fuel in the name of fighting a foreign war?