Obama Rakes in Over $3 MILLION for Biden Campaign At Virtual Event

(PatrioticPost.com)- Former President Barack Obama, after spending months refusing to endorse his former Vice President Joe Biden, is finally out on the campaign trail helping the aging politician in his efforts to defeat President Donald Trump. During a fancy virtual fundraising event, Barack Obama took in over three million dollars from members of Chicago’s high society.

This is the second event Obama has hosted in less than a month, presumably to help gain momentum around Biden who has not enjoyed great popularity in his party. Biden faces the wrath of far-left radicals who now make up much of the Democrat base, and while he is popular with regular Democrats, he’s struggled to pull in young people the way Obama did. So Obama comes to the rescue, and he’s taking in massive sums that could pay for some hefty ad campaigns.

The most recent event, according to Politico’s Illinois Playbook, was focused on how American could benefit from Biden being in charge and was a virtual discussion between Obama and Illinois Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker.

Attendees included some of the biggest names in Chicago business and finance, including Laura Rickets, the co-owner of the Illinois Cubs, and Penny Pritzker, the former secretary of commerce under the Obama administration. The daughter of Neil Bluhm, a famous casino owner and big-time donor to the Biden campaign, was also in attendance.

Make no mistake, this was no regular campaign event. This was a targeted fundraiser that would have likely pulled in millions of dollars even if they hadn’t been actively discussing what they think Biden can do as president.

In total, the virtual discussion generated over three million dollars from those attending. Contributions started as small as $50,000 and went up to $250,000. This seems like a vastly different approach to the one adopted by socialist Senator Bernie Sanders who failed to take the nomination for the second time. Sanders, despite having lost, will play a significant role in the building of Biden’s platform in an attempt to win his Democrat voters over, and events like this are unlikely to make them happy.

The virtual event brings Biden’s June total to $141 million. That’s a lot of cash.