Obama Pleads With Lawmakers To Make It Easier For Democrats To Steal Elections

(PatrioticPost.com)- During a virtual fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, former President Barack Obama, appearing alongside Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Attorney General Eric Holder, warned that Americans would see “a further delegitimizing of our democracy” if Republican efforts to pass state election integrity laws aren’t stopped.

Obama went after former President Donald Trump claiming his concerns over voter fraud in 2020 were “a whole bunch of hooey.” Obama accused Trump of trying to sow doubt among the American public about the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s win.

Trump, Obama said, violated “that core tenet that you count the votes and then declare a winner,” adding that, instead, Trump fabricated and made up “a whole bunch of hooey.”

Hooey like claiming Putin stole the election from Hillary? That kind of “hooey?”

Obama droned on, claiming that though January 6 was bad, imagine how bad it would be if in a future election the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania legislature decided not to certify all those votes from Philadelphia because “we think that those urban votes are shady.” Obama claimed that with this hypothetical, we would have “a worse constitutional crisis than we did.”

Naturally the only way to prevent this hypothetical “constitutional crisis” is to force through the garbage “For the People Act” which would remove every barrier to prevent voter fraud while nullifying all state election laws.

Naturally Obama painted Republican state voter integrity laws as “major strategies” to “reduce the impact of universal suffrage.” That’s bloviating Barack-speak for “voter suppression.”

Obama went on to say he was confident that the Senate will hold a new vote on this garbage bill, adding that “if we don’t stop these kinds of efforts now,” the result will be more contested elections.

In short, Obama believes that securing the integrity of the election process leads to “unfairness” and a “breakdown of the basic agreement” that holds “this magnificent democratic experiment together.”

But voter fraud is also a “breakdown.” Voter fraud also leads to “unfairness.”

But that kind of unfair breakdown is exactly what Obama and the Democrats are hoping for with the “For the People Act.”