Obama GASLIGHTS President Trump in DNC Speech, Trump Hits Back

(PatrioticPost.com)- After former President Barack Obama used his speech at the Democratic National Convention to tell a series of lies about President Donald Trump, including suggesting that the president sent in federal agents to stop “peaceful” protesters, the president hit back by telling the truth.

On Wednesday night, President Trump took to Twitter to remind people of the criminal activity within the Obama administration and the extraordinary lengths they went to during their efforts to undermine the Trump campaign in 2016.


In a follow-up tweet – also fully capitalized, in true Trump style – the president asked why President Barack Obama refused to endorse “Slow Joe” Biden until the primaries were all over, and why he even tried to stop Joe Biden from running.

Trump’s tweets reference the fact that several newspaper reports claimed that Barack Obama told Joe Biden that he didn’t need to run for president. Other reports even suggest that Obama told other officials in the Democratic Party not to underestimate Biden’s ability to “f*ck things up.”

Yes, really!

Barack Obama was extremely scathing about President Trump during his speech. Not only did he lie and claim he sent in the feds to attack peaceful protesters when all the evidence shows that the protests are not peaceful in the slightest, he said that Trump is not taking the job seriously.

“I did hope, for the sake of our country, that Donald Trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously; that he might come to feel the weight of the office and discover some reverence for the democracy that had been placed in his care. But he never did,” Obama claimed.

“For close to four years now, he’s shown no interest in putting in the world; no interest in finding common ground,” Obama added.

Maybe Obama should speak to Congressional Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about seeking common ground. Right now, Pelosi and her colleagues are refusing to negotiate on a new coronavirus relief package to help the American people. The Democrats, in fact, regularly refuse to find common ground.

If you look up the word “gaslighting” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Barack Obama.