Obama Claims Political News Is All “Clickbait” Now

(PatrioticPost.com)- The former president of the United States, Barack Obama, has stated that he believes there are parallels between how the national media covers politics and how they cover professional sports.

During his interview on ESPN’s “Manningcast,” a simulcast of “Monday Night Football” presented on the network by retired quarterbacks Eli Manning and Peyton Manning, who are brothers, the former president stated that “political reporting is a lot like sports reporting.”

Obama said people are constantly looking for controversy, to stir things up, because that’s clickbait.

“It brings a lot of attention to itself,” Obama added.

Obama continued by saying, “Most people don’t think that way,” while discussing how the media depicts the political and sports leaders it focuses on.

“Most people are just trying to figure out how to do right by my family on the job. And when we don’t participate, we leave it to folks whose business is to divide.”

In recent months, President Obama has been traveling the country on the campaign trail to bolster support for Democratic candidates before the midterm elections. Obama is well-known for being a sports fan in Chicago and is particularly passionate about basketball. Between August and September, he contributed his time to four fundraising events for political candidates.

In the most recent few months, the 44th president has been very vocal in discussing what he considers to be the widespread use of partisan rhetoric and misinformation that can be found in the political media landscape.

At a gathering that took place earlier this year in Chicago, President Obama made the following statement-

“The loss of local journalism, the nationalization of grievance and anger-based journalism, the growth of social media and technology whose product design monetizes anger and resentment — all this undermines our democracy and, if combined with ethnonationalism, misogyny, or racism, can be fatal.”

This is an odd statement from someone in the Democrat party. Left-wing ideologues dominate journalism. And the Democrat party playbook relies on dividing society with anger and resentment.

His statement is as authentic as his love for the White Sox.