Obama Blames Both Sides Of Israel-Hamas Conflict

Barack Obama this week shamelessly attempted to “both sides” the conflict between Hamas and Israel, claiming that “nobody’s hands are clean,” the New York Post reported.

In an interview with “Pod Save America” that aired on Tuesday, Obama suggested that the American people “take in the whole truth” when discussing Israel’s war with Hamas, suggesting that “all of us are complicit to some degree.”

Obama said while there was “no justification” for Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attack, calling it “horrific,” Israel’s “occupation” of Gaza is “unbearable.”

He conceded that many will dismiss antisemitism unless their “grandparents” or other family members tell “stories about the madness of antisemitism.” At the same time, Obama said there are Palestinians “who have nothing to do with Hamas” who are “dying” right now.

The former president who did much to foment division also blamed social media for the divisions between those who are pro-Israel and those who are pro-Hamas.

He claimed that trying to debate the issue on social media is a problem because “you can’t speak the truth.” He said on social media, people “pretend to speak the truth” but are only speaking “one side of the truth.”

He said the only way to solve the conflict is to “take in the whole truth” and admit that “nobody’s hands are clean” and “all of us are complicit to some degree.”

Ignoring the damage his administration did to the Middle East, Obama mused that he wondered if there was “something else I could have done” as president to prevent the current conflict.

The Obama administration released billions to the Iranian regime while negotiating its nuclear deal – billions that helped Iran fund its terrorist proxies in the Middle East.

Obama said Americans shouldn’t “confine ourselves to outrage” but instead should listen to both sides. He said people must “figure out how to speak to somebody on the other side” and learn to listen and understand what they are saying rather than dismissing it.