Obama As Donald Trump’s Special Master?

(PatrioticPost.com)- On Monday, a federal judge approved former President Trump’s petition to have a Special Master appointed to review the documents seized by the FBI during its raid of Mar-a-Lago.

And because a few Twitter users jokingly suggested Barack Obama be named as Special Master, Newsweek decided to “fact check” whether appointing Obama was possible.

How many times are fact-checkers going to waste time fact-checking jokes?

After laying out arduous detail about how a special master is appointed and who is typically named, Newsweek concluded that the “claim” that Obama should be Special Master “Needs Context.”

Here’s the context: randos on Twitter sarcastically suggested Barack Obama be appointed Special Master.

That’s not a “claim” at all.

Newsweek concluded that appointing Obama would be “hypothetically possible” but only “in the broadest technical sense.”

In the “real world” sense, however, Newsweek found that there isn’t a “practical route” for even considering Obama for the role since both parties (the DOJ and Trump) have to agree on the choice of Special Master.

And who thinks Trump would ever agree to that?

President Biden lies like a two-bit hustler every time he opens his mouth and Newsweek won’t expend a single ounce of energy to fact-check him.

But a few Twitter randos sarcastically suggest Barack Obama should be appointed Special Master, and Newsweek’s fact-checkers are on the case.

This is why nobody pays any attention to fact-checkers anymore.

Of course, all of this is an exercise in futility.

On Thursday, the Justice Department filed a notice that it would appeal US District Judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling, arguing that her decision would put US national security at risk.

The DOJ also asked Judge Cannon to let it continue reviewing the documents as part of the FBI’s criminal probe, a review the judge put on hold, arguing that the criminal probe cannot be decoupled from the intelligence community’s review.

The DOJ informed Judge Cannon that if she does not grant their request to suspend parts of her ruling by September 15, they would seek an intervention from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.