NYC Mayor Begs For Border Control

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City was finally given a taste of what border-area people have been suffering through for years.

According to a report, in light of the recent influx of illegal immigrants into New York City, Mayor Adams has declared a state of emergency and voiced his support for increased border enforcement.

After hours, and in some cases days, of waiting around the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan’s Times Square to be processed at the migrant reception center and be housed in a shelter, his administration has decided to change course. Due to the extended wait time, some immigrants have begun sleeping on the street overnight.

Adams said that nothing is going to change for the better. It’s all downhill from here on out.  He explained that New York City is at capacity, and he has been straightforward about it. He had met with local and state representatives to discuss the issue, changed ideas, and had an open dialogue. He has been repeating himself. He then warned the surrounding cities that this was coming to a town near you.

The city’s resources and shelters have been stretched thin by the arrival of 91,000 illegal immigrants.

Reports show Adams raised the alarm last July about the influx of illegal immigrants freed by the Border Patrol and making their way to the nation’s most populous metropolis, where they are straining municipal resources.

In January,  Mayor Adams said that the city had reached its “breaking point” due to the influx of unprecedented numbers of migrants. He asked New York for assistance in sheltering illegal migrants by submitting an emergency mutual assistance request.

Adams criticized Biden’s border policies in April by saying the illegal alien situation is ‘killing’ the city.  He criticized the Biden administration for ignoring New York City and warned of the potential damage to the city’s finances of several billion dollars.