NRA Slams Schumer For Blatant Attack On Constitution

In a recent move that has sparked controversy, New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer has reintroduced a ban on so-called “assault weapons.” The National Rifle Association (NRA) has criticized Schumer, claiming that this is just another attempt by Democrats to erode Americans’ self-defense and Second Amendment rights.

Randy Kozuch, the Executive Director of the NRA-ILA, accused Schumer of launching an attack on the Constitution itself by targeting firearms legally owned and used by millions of Americans. Kozuch emphasized that this move is part of a more comprehensive agenda by gun control extremists to dismantle the rights of law-abiding citizens gradually.

Schumer, on the other hand, argues that reintroducing the Assault Weapons Ban is necessary to address the issue of gun violence in America. Referring to the success of the previous Assault Weapons Ban and the Brady Bill, Schumer believes that reinstating these measures will lead to a decrease in gun deaths and mass shootings.

Taking to the Senate floor, Schumer announced his plans to introduce an assault weapons ban, along with other gun safety legislation. He called on his colleagues to join him in combating the “scourge of gun violence” and sought unanimous consent for the bill, hoping to pass it without a formal vote. However, some Republicans have already rejected the proposed legislation.

Republican Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming vehemently opposed Schumer’s attempt to infringe on Second Amendment rights. Barrasso argued that the bill adds unnecessary restrictions and burdens on law-abiding citizens who already comply with existing laws. He criticized the Democrats’ approach, claiming that it aims to restrict lawful gun ownership rather than ensuring public safety.
The NRA’s Kozuch expressed gratitude to Senator Barrasso for standing up for the rights of responsible gun owners. Kozuch emphasized that the NRA’s millions of members support Barrasso’s principled stance against Schumer’s assault on their rights.

This recent move by Schumer aligns with the Democrats’ long-standing commitment to banning assault weapons. President Biden himself has repeatedly expressed his intention to ban these firearms and high-capacity magazines. Democrats previously voted to ban semiautomatic firearms in 1994 as part of a major crime bill, and the ban was incorporated into a broader anti-crime package.
However, the 1994 ban expired in 2004, and subsequent studies conducted by the Department of Justice have questioned its effectiveness. One study published in 1999 found that the ban failed to reduce multiple gunshot wound victims or the average number of victims per gun murder incident. Another study in 2004 concluded that the ban’s impact on gun violence was likely to be small and difficult to measure reliably.