North Korea Won’t Meet With Biden, They Confirm

( While the Biden Administration has signaled that they are willing to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un anytime, anywhere without preconditions, it looks like they will be waiting in vain.

Last week, after the United States and South Korea agreed to consider scrapping a controversial working group established in 2018 to coordinate their policy toward Pyongyang, Kim Jong Un warned his people “to get prepared for both dialogue and confrontation” with the US, adding “especially to get fully prepared for confrontation.”

Unfortunately, Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan took those words as a “interesting signal” that North Korea was ready to engage with the Biden White House.

On its face, Kim’s words don’t convey what Sullivan thinks they do, leading to the question, just how stupid is Jake Sullivan?

Apparently the North Koreans think he’s pretty stupid. Because on Tuesday, Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jong, a senior officer in the ruling party, released a statement warning that if the US thinks North Korea is ready to engage, their expectations “would plunge them into a greater disappointment.”

Kim made it clear that the US was misinterpreting Kim Jong Un’s words in order “to seek comfort for itself.”

Just the day before, Sung Kim, the Biden Administration’s special representative for North Korea, was in Seoul meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Unification Minister Lee In-young.

During that visit, Sung Kim, like Sullivan, expressed eagerness about a potential meeting between the US and North Korea. Vowing to meet with them “anywhere, anytime without preconditions,” Sung Kim added that he looked forward to a “positive response soon.”

No doubt Kim Yo Jong’s statement was directed not just as Jake Sullivan, but at Sung Kim sunny optimism as well.

And on Wednesday, backing up Kim Yo Jong’s statement, ROK Foreign Minister Ri Son Gwon was unequivocal. Ri told state media the North Korea will not consider “even the possibility of any contact with the US.” Ri believes talks between the two nations “would get us nowhere” and could only take up “precious time.”