North Korea Drill Activity Spotted While Kim Jong Un Says World On The “Brink” Of War

While South Korea and the US perform joint military exercises, North Korea has declared that we are on the verge of nuclear war.

According to a report, in light of North Korea’s escalating nuclear threats, the two nations are conducting exercises to bolster the partners’ defense and reaction capabilities.

North Korea, however, views this as hostile and has threatened to strike back.

An editorial released by KCNA today blamed the ongoing drills for escalating tensions to the verge of eruption on the Korean peninsula.

Two ballistic missiles were launched by North Korea last week, apparently in retaliation for increased defense cooperation between South Korea and the United States.

North Korea has regularly threatened overwhelming measures in reaction to such drills, seeing them as practice for an invasion.

Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, called for an expansion in weapons development, including tactical nuclear weapons, after his country’s declaration that it was coming to atomic power last year.

The remarks came as US envoy to North Korea, Sung Kim, arrived in Seoul to meet with his Japanese and South Korean counterparts to discuss a coordinated response to North Korea’s escalating nuclear weapons program and threats of war.

Reports show North Korea tested the range of an ICBM  (intercontinental ballistic missile) that might reach the continental United States on seven separate occasions last month.  They claimed that these tests were in retaliation for the joint US-South Korean exercises. North Korea is expected to continue using the ongoing exercises as an excuse to make progress on its weapons program and increase combat training involving its atomic-capable missiles, increasing the likelihood of a heightened state of tension.

South Korean authorities have warned that North Korea may conduct another nuclear test as part of increasingly bellicose military maneuvers.

According to a report, North Korea has ignored routine inter-Korean phone talks for the third day, raising tensions and fueling fears for the region’s stability.

Last Sunday, South Korean Defense Ministry officials reportedly called North Korea on a designated military hotline but received no response.