NFL Orders Cancellation Of Big Game

( The NFL has postponed the Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals game days after Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field and required resuscitation.

Following discussions with the Bills, Bengals, and the leadership of the NFL Players Association, Commissioner Roger Goodell informed all teams of their solution.

No club would secure a playoff spot or be eliminated due to the postponed game. Resuming it would necessitate postponing the playoffs indefinitely, and canceling it before Week 18 would allow all teams to know their postseason prospects ahead of the week, according to the NFL.

The NFL regular season will conclude this coming Saturday.

After Hamlin passed out during the opening quarter, the league postponed the game on Monday. He got up after tackling a Bengals player during a play, but he collapsed shortly after.

At a special meeting, the NFL’s teams will discuss a resolution. According to the NFL, Goodell suggests addressing potential “competitive imbalances” in specific playoff scenarios.

If both clubs could have won the conference’s top seed if the game had been played, the resolution would require that the AFC Championship game be played at a neutral venue rather than giving one side home-field advantage.

It also includes contingency measures in case the Baltimore Ravens triumph against Cincinnati in the last week of the regular season. A coin toss would decide the game’s site if that occurs, and both teams are slated to play each other in the first round of the playoffs.

The NFL claimed that if Baltimore had won, it would have defeated Cincinnati in both of their regular-season meetings but would not have been eligible to host the playoff match because Cincinnati has a greater winning percentage after 16 games than Baltimore does after 17 games.

I understand there isn’t a perfect answer, Goodell stated. The idea, however, “addresses the most serious potential equitable difficulties caused by the difficult but essential choice not to play the game under these unique circumstances,” as stated in the request to the ownership.