Newsmax Site Sees Massive Growth

( Fox News might still be the giant when it comes to conservative-leaning news and commentary on TV, but smaller networks and their associated websites are beginning to catch up. This week it was revealed that Newsmax, which has emerged as one of Fox’s biggest challengers in recent years, is among the top 50 global news websites for English speakers.

According to the Press Gazette from the United Kingdom, Newsmax is one of a handful of American websites to see a dramatic increase in the number of online readers.

The report used recent web tragic information for Newsmax, revealing a 171% increase in readership for the website over the last year. Out of all the websites counted in the list, Newsmax saw the second biggest growth percentage.

The conservative news and commentary website was one of only eight websites in the top 50 to see year-over-year growth.

It’s a sign that conservatives have not been so disenfranchised by the catastrophically compromised elections in 2020, and are keen to say involved in politics and well-read on news issues as the nation deals with the damaging policies of the Biden administration.

Interestingly, however, the website data showed some big players with declining readership. Among them was Fox News, which might be performing well in terms of its television news division, but which saw a 31% decrease in readership over the last year. Similarly, The Washington Post saw a decline of 26%, CNBC a decline of 22%, and CNN a massive decline of 37%.

Newsmax wasn’t the only right-wing news source to see promising data, however. The Epoch Times, which Press Gazette wrongly smeared as a promoter of “anti-China conspiracy theories,” was the fastest-growing website out of all the sites listed, with right-wing websites seeing the most year-on-year growth overall.

It’s a good sign that people are staying well informed at one of the most unstable times in recent American history.

You can see the full report here.