Newsmax Ratings Collapse Fox News!

( Fox News might be enjoying some incredible ratings lately, with Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson trouncing MSNBC’s and CNN’s competing anchors, but Newsmax is hot on the network’s heels.

Newsmax, which became a popular alternative to Fox News following the 2020 presidential election, saw massive ratings over the weekend after airing former President Donald Trump’s rally speech in Ohio.

Nielsen showed that 1.9 million cable viewers switched on Newsmax to see the former president give his speech, and hear commentary from Newsmax contributors about what the former president had to say.

Newsmax reported on Tuesday that they estimated a further 1.3 million viewers tuned into their show through free streaming devices, meaning the network’s total viewership was more than three million.

For some reason, Fox News chose not to cover the former president’s speech live, and only covered some excerpts of his speech in later reporting.

The fact that Newsmax performed so well is astonishing given that it is a minor network compared to Fox and CNN, but also because the network is carried in 30 million fewer homes than Fox is.

Newsmax also proved competitive in the key demographic of viewers aged between 35 and 64. Fox News saw 409,000 impressions per minute, and Newsmax came just behind with 483,000 viewers.

Either way, it’s good news. Conservative news outlets are thrashing far-left news outlets, and it’s not surprising. CNN only managed to increase its viewership over the last four years by pushing anti-Trump conspiracy theories, including the Trump-Russian collusion theory…which was proven to be false by Robert Mueller’s investigation.

According to the Nielsen Coverage Rating, Newsmax’s household coverage rating was 2.01, and Fox’s was 1.60, for the period of 8pm Eastern and 9:30pm Eastern on the day of Trump’s speech.

Meanwhile, Newsmax also destroyed CNN, which drew in just 0.35 in total viewership during Trump’s speech, and MSNBC managed 0.22.