Newsmax Host Says He Was Fired Because He Wouldn’t Attack Tucker Carlson

( A Newsmax host who was let go in July is accusing the cable news network of firing him because he refused to criticize Fox News host Tucker Carlson as a way to improve ratings.

In July, Grant Stinchfield’s show was dropped from Newsmax after the network revamped its programming and added former Fox News contributor Greta Van Susteren to its lineup. A short time later, Stinchfield left Newsmax altogether.

And last Monday, Stinchfield launched his new podcast “Stinchfield – Uncensored” where he claimed that his former employer decided the best way for him to compete with the Fox News Channel’s top-rated “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was to attack Carlson during his show.

Stinchfield’s former Newsmax program ran in the same timeslot as “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

But, according to Stinchfield, he had “a real hard time” with attacking Carlson since he believes Tucker Carlson is second only to Donald Trump as a “leader of the Republican Party.”

Lavishing praise on Tucker Carlson, Stinchfield said there wasn’t a Republican politician in the country that didn’t “take a cue” from the Fox News host.

Stinchfield conceded that he did disagree with Tucker Carlson on some issues, arguing conservatives don’t always agree. But he added that he believed the “fight to save America” now that Donald Trump is out of office was “far too important” to spend time on his show attacking Tucker Carlson.

Stinchfield said Fox News might be a competitor of Newsmax and may have “strayed from the conservative values that it was founded on,” but he didn’t consider Fox News an enemy. Nor did he believe Tucker Carlson was an enemy.

He claimed that his refusal to treat Fox and Tucker Carlson as an enemy of Newsmax was the reason Newsmax let him go.