News Crew Sees Shots Fired

( A news crew from Portland, Oregon’s KGW8 witnessed someone get shot when they were covering a homeless encampment that was going to get demolished, according to The Post Millennial. The encampment was reportedly supported by anarchists’ part of the Antifa bloc.

The camp, located just off of the Peninsula Crossing Trail in northwestern Portland, is considered to be a “hot spot” by the city’s authorities and was planning to be cleared to create a safer space for the city’s homeless population called a “Safe Rest Village.”

When KGW8 was on the scene recording reporter Blair Best and Photojournalist Ken McCormick saw a fight break out between two men. One man began to hit the other with what appeared to be an ax-like weapon. Then a gunshot was heard and one of the men fell to the ground while the other went off into the woods.

Both the suspect and victim reportedly fled the scene before police arrived and residents within the camp will not speak to police about what they know.

Next to the encampment is the Belmont Goats, a nonprofit that cares for the city’s goats. In protest of the removal, a cut was made in the fence, resulting in the goats being let loose. Robin Casey, who works at the organization, said that it is not clear who cut the fence but said that a homeless person from the camp helped them find the animals and returned them, according to The New York Post.

Casey also said, however, that a rolled-up note was found in the cut fence, saying that the goats’ comfort was valued more than the homeless camp. She added that it was signed by “some anarchists.”

One homeless woman said that she was worried the community would think one of them did it.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Dan Ryan released a statement alleging that the city did not condone these actions.