New Study Links Red Meat To Cancer

( Meat lovers beware. According to a new study from the United Kingdom, which involved the observation of 20,000, eating red meat like beef, pork, and lamb, could be contributing to poor heart function.

The story was brought to the world’s attention by the British newspaper the Daily Mail.

Researchers found that the more somebody eats processed and red meat, the more likely they are to experience a decline in heart health across three different measures.

However, the study might also be conflating the consumption of red meat with poor-quality processed meat.

A study from Canada released in March found that consuming processed meats – which includes meats treated with chemicals to make them last longer – can contribute to poor heart health.

But the latest study from Queen Mary University of London says that they have, for the first time, “examined the relationships between meat consumption and imaging measures of heart health.”

Dr. Zahra Raisi-Estabragh, the author of the study, said that, “previous studies have shown links between greater red meat consumption and increased risk of heart attacks or dying from heart disease.”

But the new study, she says, “may help us to understand the mechanisms underlying the previously observed connections with cardiovascular disease.”

The researchers said that they analysed three measures of heart health, including the elasticity of blood vessels, novel CMR radionics – which relates to the texture and shape of the heart – and the cardiovascular magnetic resonance of the heart.

Interestingly, the scientists did adjust the study for other factors that might impact heart health – namely, weight, age, sex, alcohol consumption, exercise levels, cholesterol, body mass index, and so on. However, little is said about how much of a differentiation the scientists made between red meat and processed meat…if anything at all.

“For example, it is possible that greater red meat intake leads to raised blood cholesterol and this in turn causes heart disease,” the lead author of the study told the British press.

“’Our study suggests that these four factors do play a role in the links between meat intake and heart health, but they are not the full story,” she added.

The doctor did, however, also note that the study didn’t consider alternative mechanisms and did not establish firm causation between red meat consumption and poor heart health.

For Americans unfamiliar with the Daily Mail, a British newspaper, it is known in its home country for regularly publishing news stories about everyday items causing cancer and heart disease. So it’s entirely possible this is just another one of those stories…