New Report Reveals Steve Bannon Pardon May End Up Hurting Him

( Former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi offered his opinion on the ongoing House committee investigation into the January 6 riot in Washington, D.C., telling MSNBC on Thursday that he thinks the work being done is important.

Strap yourselves in for this one.

Anchor Brian Williams said that there was a “national frog-boiling experiment” to make people forget about January 6, which has been disingenuously and falsely compared with the 9/11 terror attacks by Democrats. He then asked Figliuzzi for his thoughts on far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s commission, which contains zero Republicans who support former President Donald Trump and contest the demonstrably false claim that he is responsible for inciting the riot.

Figliuzzi said that there have been over 600 arrests so far, and that he isn’t sure where the investigation is going. He did, however, say that there must be “very strong coordination” between the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the select committee and that he hears that is already happening.

He then bragged about how the committee may be able to punish Trump officials and allies if they resist subpoenas to testify before the politically charged, partisan commission.

He suggested that people can be sued in a civil case for not complying with subpoenas, or that a criminal case may be brought against them.

“Or they can do a new color option, which is inherent contempt of Congress, where they actually reach out and lay hands on somebody, and arrest them. We haven’t seen that for many, many decades but we are all in for a real lesson on how this works, or doesn’t work,” he said.

These people are fascists. Pure and simple – fascists.

He then said that he sees some “fascinating” things happening with people like Roger Stone and Steve Bannon, two former advisors to President Trump, who both received pardons. He said that they may be forced to talk in a hearing because they are not facing any charges, and that the DOJ may step in and remove powers to grant immunity to Trump officials.

You can see the interview here:

It’s unclear at this stage where the committee is going. Pelosi and her far-left colleagues are looking for anything they can to hurt the former president, especially given that they were unable to impeach him.

Is this the most partisan exercise in American political history?