New Poll Shows Half Of Country Thinks Biden Has Health Issues

( A new poll from Rasmussen just revealed something shocking…and that we all already kind of knew. Only 34% of American voters say that they are “very confident” in the cognitive ability of President Joe Biden, while some 40% say that they are “very concerned” about the president’s very clear mental decline.

A total of 52% of American voters say that they are very or somewhat concerned about the mental ability of the president, a number that even the Democrats couldn’t manufacture over the last four years even with their constant hit pieces on former President Donald Trump.

The survey asked 1,000 likely U.S. voters between March 4 and 7 this year, and it came with a 95% level of confidence and a margin of error of +/-3%.

There are lots of reasons why voters might have concerns about the president. Not only did he spend the entirety of his campaign behind a teleprompter, sometimes even using teleprompters to answer questions for journalists, but he hasn’t even held a press conference since entering the White House.

This month, Biden broke a century-old record for the number of days since entering the White House and not holding a press conference, with the number of days about to reach 50.

It’s so bad that even Jake Tapper of CNN had to admit it, stating on Twitter that an analysis of the last 100 years shows Biden’s most recent predecessors all held solo press conferences within 33 days of taking the oath of office.

What is Joe Biden hiding?

Rasmussen referenced the lack of press conferences in their questioning, which played a huge part in the response.

White House Press Secretary responded last week by stating that there were no plans for a formal press conference, and this week changed her tune and said that the president has taken “about 40 Q&As since he took office.” She then committed to holding one before the end of the month.

No word yet on whether he will be accompanied by a teleprompter.