New Footage Shows What Happens When Democrats Go Soft On Crime

( Alvin Bragg, the former federal prosecutor who was recently sworn in as the new district attorney for Manhattan, has reportedly told his staff that he will refuse to prosecute a wide range of crimes in the city, in a direct contradiction to the crime crackdown that was promised by new mayor Eric Adams.

Bragg sent a memo to his office this month insisting that some crimes, including turnstile jumping, trespassing, resisting arrest, marijuana possession, prostitution, and interfering with an arrest should no longer be punished. He insisted that these crimes and others be decriminalized, and also said that the District Attorney’s office would “not seek carceral sentence other than for homicide.”

In other words, Mayor Eric Adams just made criminals’ lives easier in New York City at a time when crime is surging and people feel less safe than ever.

No, really. Just look at the polls, and listen to what police in the city have to say. People don’t feel safe in the city anymore. In fact, a majority of New York City police officers now believe that the city has become a “more dangerous place” and don’t feel as satisfied in their jobs as they used to, according to more than 6,000 responses to an online survey by public opinion company McLaughlin and Associates.

Why, then, would the new mayor and his team stop prosecuting criminals?

According to reports, Bragg’s office has also requested a maximum of 20 years in prison for any crime committed in the city that can’t be punished by life in prison and has said that they will never seek a sentence of life without parole for any crime no matter how bad.

In other words, Bragg won’t ever consider sending someone to prison for the rest of their life, even if they committed horrible, heinous crimes.

It’s almost unbelievable, but sadly it’s true.

The New York Police Benevolent Associated issued a statement in response to the news, describing their “serious concerns about the message these types of policies send to both police officers and criminals on the street.”

How can Mayor Adams ever crackdown on crime if criminals aren’t getting punished?