New Document Shows What Should Happen If China Invades Taiwan

( A new paper published by the United States Army War College suggests that a scorched-earth policy, that would involve the island of Taiwan destroying its own highly advanced semiconductor plants in the event of the Chinese invading their land, would be the best way to defend themselves against Chinese Communists.

The paper says that the strategy would mean assuring China that, should they invade the island, it would result in a massive economic crisis on mainland China. It would be exactly the opposite of what China would expect by invading the island, which the Chinese Communist Party claims is Chinese territory.

In other words, experts are suggesting that not only should Taiwan defend itself militarily, but also economically. It would be an act of suicide, in one sense, but it might also deter China from advancing into the country at some point during the remaining three years of the disastrous Biden administration.

The paper, which is titled “Broken Nest: Deterring China from Invading Taiwan,” was published in the last issue of 2021 in the quarterly journal “Parameters.”

China currently relies heavily on Taiwan’s semiconductors, which is another name for a computer chip. These are the tiny chips that are used in smartphones, electric vehicles, computers, tablets, and even missiles and military equipment. According to reports, the Chinese government imported some $350 billion of chips in 2020. Only 5.9% of semiconductors used by China in the same year were produced domestically.

China needs Taiwan, and amid an ongoing shortage of semiconductors globally, invading Taiwan knowing that such a move would result in the country destroying its own stockpile of semiconductors and the plants that make them, would be suicide for Beijing.

It’s a drastic move, but it might be the only way that Taiwan can effectively defend itself while we wait for a new Republican administration in the White House.