New Data Shows Majority Of Americans Think Vaccines Are Fake Because Of Boosters

( A survey released this week from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 71 percent of unvaccinated Americans believe the recently introduced “booster” doses of COVID vaccines prove that the vaccines aren’t working. Among the vaccinated, 78 percent believe the boosters are proof that scientists are “continuing to find ways to make vaccines more effective.”

Of course, the “scientists” at the FDA refused to authorize booster shots for everyone over 16, citing a lack of sufficient data supporting the claim that more shots are needed for the general population.

The Kaiser survey, released on Tuesday, also found that 33 percent of all respondents said boosters prove the vaccines don’t work as well as promised – including 19 percent among the vaccinated.

This is factually accurate.

When the vaccines were first given emergency use authorization, the public was told they were 95+/- percent effective. Months later their effectiveness dropped like a rock in a pond. So, yes, they were promoted as highly effective when in reality they were not.

Kaiser conducted the survey from September 13-22 among 1,519 randomly selected adults. This is the time frame after which President Biden promoted booster shots in his September 9 speech targeting the unvaccinated, and during the time when the FDA refused to authorize them.

The survey also shows that the COVID vaccine issue remains politically divisive. Ninety percent of respondents who said they were Democrat said had received at least one dose of the vaccine. While only 58 percent of Republicans said they had received at least one shot.

Democrats were about twice as likely than Republicans to get the booster shot if the CDC and FDA recommended it – with 68 percent of Democrats saying they would compared to 36 percent of Republicans.

Only four percent of respondents said they had already received a booster shot.

The Kaiser survey found 79 percent of all respondents — both vaccinated and unvaccinated – believe that COVID-19 will not be eliminated, and people will need to learn to live with it the same way we do the seasonal flu. Only 14 percent believed COVID can be eradicated in the US in the same way polio has been.