New Book on Royal Family Shares Insider Details on Meghan Markle

A new book by political commentator Tom Bower describes Meghan Markle as “delusional” and claims she was angry to discover that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham was healthier than her. Contained within “House of Beckham” are allegations that Markle “puts on airs” when in the company of the Beckhams and that in her world, “ranking depended on wealth and fame.” 

The Duchess of Sussex, who married Prince Harry – the King of England’s son – in 2018, became furious when tabloid newspapers reported that Victoria Beckham had offered her make-up advice. She reportedly told her husband to take the matter up with David Beckham, who she blamed for leaking the story to the press. The book claims that relations between Markle and Victoria Beckham deteriorated after the story leaked, and Meghan became increasingly sensitive to tabloid reports. 

In a previous book, “Revenge,” Bower documented a “war” inside the British Royal family, initiated mainly by Harry and Meghan. He documented Markle as fiercely ambitious and desperate for global celebrity. Mr. Bower confessed that he wrote the book in response to Markle’s criticism of the ancient British institution and his desire to understand her relationship with the King’s son. 

In a media interview, Bower insisted the book was unbiased but claimed that Markle had tried to prevent people close to her from speaking to him, so much of his material was negative. He praised the Duchess for achieving her aim and catapulting herself into the global limelight but described her behavior toward the Royal family as “disgraceful.”

American Markle lost widespread support in the UK when she spoke to Oprah Winfrey and said she had been subjected to racism and emotional abuse at the hands of senior Royals. Markle alleged there had been discussion about the potential color of her first-born child and that the popular Princess of Wales Kate Middleton made her cry. The Duchess said the experience of being in the UK Royal family made her contemplate suicide.