NeverTrumpers Make Show of Quitting After Fox Won’t Renew Their Contracts

( Noted anti-Trump conservative pundits Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes announced this week that they were quitting Fox News in protest over Tucker Carlson’s 3-part documentary on January 6 “Patriot Purge.”

Goldberg was so upset after seeing the trailer for the 3-part series that he texted Hayes saying he was tempted to quit Fox over it. Hayes replied “I’m game” and called the yet-to-be-aired documentary “outrageous.” Hayes told Goldberg that the series (which he hadn’t seen) “will lead to violence.”

It’s been nearly a month since “Patriot Purge” aired, and as yet, no violence.

But that didn’t stop Goldberg and Hayes from running to the New York Times and bragging about quitting Fox News.

The only problem is, their “stunning and brave” decision isn’t as “stunning and brave” as the mainstream corporate press want you to believe. Turns out, Fox News had no plan to renew their contracts next year. Which makes this “well-I-never” publicity stunt look more like a “You didn’t dump me; I dumped you!!!!”

In response to their histrionics, Tucker Carlson pinned a tweet promoting the 3-part “Patriot Purge” that includes an image with the quote “The Documentary series that drove Jonah Goldberg to impotent rage.”

He also released an updated trailer for “Patriot Purge” that lampoons all the sputtering outrage the original trailer and the documentary caused in the media:

Tucker told the New York Times that “our viewers will be grateful” to hear that Goldberg and Hayes were leaving.

In a separate interview with NPR, Jonah Goldberg dismissed the premise from “Patriot Purge” that the US government is turning its war on terror on the American people. Goldberg argued that the documentary “traffics” in conspiracy theories and would “legitimately” lead to violence.

Hayes told NPR that Fox Nation airing Tucker’s documentary was “irresponsible,” saying the trailer “basically gave people the impression” that the government is targeting half the country.

NPR also asked Tucker Carlson for comment on Hayes and Goldberg’s departure. He told NPR it would “substantially improve the channel.”