Nearly Three Quarters Of GOP Doubt Legitimacy Of Biden Win

( The Democrats desperately want the American public to believe that the 2020 presidential election wasn’t wrought with fraud and misconduct, but people just don’t believe them.

Not only has the misconduct been well documented by the Voter Integrity Project, showing how tens of thousands of voters in multiple swing states voted despite being on the Registered Change of Address Database – suggesting possible double voting – but the widespread use of dropboxes and mail-in voting meant that millions of people have little faith in the credibility of last year’s election.

And, according to a new poll from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, almost three-quarters of Republicans don’t believe that Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 presidential election.

The data shows how 71% of Republican respondents don’t believe that Biden is the legitimate president of the United States, and stand behind former President Donald Trump’s legitimate claims about widespread misconduct in the 2020 election.

Some 25% of Republicans said that Biden’s win was “probably not legitimate,” while a massive 46% said that his win was “definitely not legitimate.”

And instead of addressing those concerns, Democrats are resorting to bullying and smearing anybody who goes against their narrative.

Wouldn’t the Democrats want to make sure that the American people believe it when they win elections? And shouldn’t they care about the evidence of fraud in last year’s election, regardless of who it benefitted?

The poll found that most Americans believe that Biden is the winner, but it was only 58%. That number should be closer to…100%. A further 15% said that Biden “probably” is the legitimate president, meaning even among those who think he won, people still have doubts.

This is a big problem, and the Democrats should be supporting Republicans in their efforts to guarantee election integrity next time.