NC Judge Accused Of Nearly Hitting BLM Rioters In Car

( A North Carolina judge has been charged with a felony in connection with an incident that occurred earlier in May during a Black Lives Matter protest. Appeals Court Judge John M. Tyson has been charged after video footage showed the judge’s SUV coming within a matter of feet of protestors who were standing in the middle of the road near a traffic circle.

It’s just the latest instance of Black Lives Matter rioters occupying the roads and then acting shocked when drivers get angry or hit them with their cars.

In this case, protesters stood in the inside law of a traffic circle near Fayetteville’s Market House, which is the former grounds of the state Capitol building. The lane had already been closed down some months earlier when a mural reading “BLACK LIVES DO MATTER. END RACISM NOW” was painted on the roads.

Has anyone ever stopped to ask who exactly is meant to have said black lives don’t matter in the first place? Maybe they should find that guy and harass him (or her) rather than occupying roads and causing accidents…

Footage obtained by the local press apparently showed the judge driving around the traffic circle in the outer lane before returning to the road and going around the inside lane, which drivers are apparently banned from driving on, because of the mural.

Bishop McNeill, a member of Fayetteville’s “Activist Movement” told the Observer that the story has “clearly been pieced together.”

Judge Tyson is now expected to go on trial next month. He is not accused of hitting anybody and the footage shows that he did not hit anybody with his car.

We’ll update you on the progress of that case, but with the Democrats in charge and Black Lives Matter seemingly getting everything they want these days, don’t go expecting this judge to be allowed to walk free without yet more protests.