Nancy Pelosi’s Push For An Mass Shooter “Alert System” Fails

( The Democrat-controlled House failed to advance a bill establishing an Active Shooter Alert Communication Network in which the federal government would work with states and tribal authorities to alert communities if there is an active shooter in their area.

To pass the bill, the House first had to vote on a motion to suspend the rules. Such a motion requires two-thirds approval rather than a simple majority. So while a majority voted for the motion to suspend the rules, 259 to 162, it failed to reach the two-thirds necessary to advance the bill.

After the motion failed, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi vowed that Democrats would continue to push for the bill.

In a statement, Pelosi framed the narrative as Democrats standing on the side of “protecting our families and supporting our courageous first responders” while Republicans are evil monsters who oppose “the needs of law enforcement heroes” for wanting to prevent communities from obtaining “crucial, life-saving information.”

The measure would have created a national coordinator of the Active Shooter Alert Communications Network, a position within the Department of Justice. This coordinator would work with the FEMA administrator, Secretary of Transportation, and the FCC chair to ensure state and local governments have a system in place to respond to active shooter situations and if they don’t, encourage them to put an alert system in place so local communities can be notified if an active shooter is in the area.

All but 44 Republicans voted against the motion to suspend the rules and one Democrat, Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind voted against it as well.

Meanwhile, last week the Senate passed the so-called “bipartisan” gun control measure with the help of 15 Republicans. And in a 234 to 193 vote on Friday, the House passed the Senate bill. Fourteen House Republicans voted for it, including Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

Over the weekend, President Biden signed the Senate measure into law.