Nancy Pelosi’s “Last Dance” May Be Here

( Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the first woman to hold the position second in line to the presidency, is well known for not getting much sleep. These days, even her bedtime hours are taken up with ideas of how to win as she flies in and out of towns around the country in a rigorous, relentless hunt for campaign money to hang on to her vulnerable House majority.

Ms. Pelosi, a California Democrat and longstanding party leader, said during a closing blitz throughout the Midwest on behalf of crucial House candidates critical to any lingering hope that Democrats have of surviving a Republican attack. “I don’t count sheep at night; I count districts,” she said. “I move one at a time.”

The critical question is whether she can reach 218 votes, which is needed to keep control of the House and which an increasing number of independent handicappers predict Democrats won’t be able to achieve.

Even while closely tracking every turn and curve on the House map, Ms. Pelosi may be making her last lap as party leader. Due to widespread public anxiety about crime and inflation, significant Republican campaign spending, and the customary midterm drag on a president’s party in Congress, the majority she has meticulously created and twice protected is in danger of collapsing.

But if this is her last campaign, Ms. Pelosi is cutting through the red tape to ensure her candidates have the funding they need to compete against the Republican money machine. Ms. Pelosi, an 82-year-old powerhouse dressed in Armani, acts as though she is the only one capable of controlling the House. In some ways, it does because she is not only the House majority’s well-known national face but also, by far, its most successful fund-raiser.

Frida Ghitis said that Nancy Pelosi had raised $1.25 billion for Democrats since 2002, including $42.7 million in just the third quarter of this year. She has already been to more than 20 cities this month and is constantly in campaign gear.

Alex Castellanos said that Pelosi’s single-mindedness had earned her the profound support of her coworkers. Local Democrats warmly welcome the speaker during her travels, appreciating the attention she can draw to regional initiatives. She brushed off predictions of a Democratic defeat in midterms, saying, “Forget that.”

Pelosi may be losing sleep while counting lost seats in both the house and the senate.