Nancy Pelosi’s Big Stock Buys Sounds Alarms

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi never fails to prove just how out of touch she is with normal working people. Not only has the far-left anti-Trump Speaker invested more than $1 million into Tesla stocks, but she’s also been called out by a watchdog group for making the investment in the electric car company right before newly-inaugurated President Joe Biden announced plans to make the entire federal vehicle fleet electric.

Isn’t that kind of like…insider trading?

Last month, the wealthy venture capitalist husband of Speaker Nancy Pelosi purchased around $1 million of Tesla stock. At this point, shares cost $640.34 each. The share price soon increased to $838 by Thursday – so they made a hefty profit.

Tesla has long been a wild card in Wall Street. Its share price has continued to skyrocket for years despite not making the same number of sales as the big car manufacturers. Innovation alone, along with the popular interest in its CEO Elon Musk, has driven up the prices and the news that the federal fleet will soon be fully electric has also had an impact on the share price.

There are more than 645,000 cars in the fleet, and it looks like this wealthy California Democrat is about to make a fortune off Joe Biden’s decision.’s executive director John Pudner slammed Pelosi for profiting while the rest of the country struggled amidst a pandemic.

“It’s corrupt and unacceptable for members of Congress, particularly the speaker, to trade stocks in companies affected by their votes in Congress,” he said. “Elected leaders from all political parties should live up to a standard of ethics that ordinary Americans see as vital to the country.”

Recent financial reports disclosed by Pelosi show that she has made 25 stock marker maneuvers that will allow her and her husband to purchase Tesla shares at $500 per share up until March 2022. That’s a good deal…if you’ve got the cash.

A spokesman for Pelosi’s office said that her husband made the investment, not her, and that the decision was not made off the back of knowledge of Joe Biden’s planned executive order.

But then again…they would say that.