Nancy Pelosi Warned In 2018 That Ballots Were At Risk Of Being Changed, Requested More Audits

( In an effort to further promote the lie that Russia “hacked” the 2016 election to install “Putin’s puppet” Donald Trump in the White House, House Democrats formed the Congressional Task Force on Election Security. Its purpose, though unofficial since Democrats were the minority party, was to “address the lack of action to protect electoral infrastructure following Russia interfering and attempting to influence the 2016 Presidential election.”

Nancy Pelosi, along with Committee on Homeland Security ranking member Bennie Thompson, and Committee on House Administration ranking member Robert Brady established this task force in June 2017.

Their supposed objective was to hear from cybersecurity and election infrastructure experts who would make recommendations to “ensure the integrity of our elections.” In reality, their objective was to find another way to promote the RussiaGate hoax.

When then-Minority Leader Pelosi announced the start of this task force, she said in a statement that “the integrity of our democracy itself is under threat from the Russians.” Pelosi accused the Republican majority of refusing to do anything to stop them. So these Democrats would “defend our democracy” since Republicans wouldn’t.

In February 2018, the task force released its report.

Among other things, the report demands that Federal funds be used to enable states to replace voting machines with paper ballots. It also suggested that election technology vendors be required to secure their voting systems. What’s more, the task force concluded that Federal funds should be provided to states so they can upgrade and maintain IT infrastructure – including voter registration databases.

The most surprising recommendation from this Democrat task force, however, is that they also urged states to conduct “risk-limiting post-election audits” in order for states to determine that the original vote count was “substantially accurate.”

Many of the arguments made by those conducting the Maricopa audit are present in this task force’s report. The report warns that even if voting systems aren’t connected to the internet, they are still susceptible to altered vote counts. The task force calls attention to the fact that voting machines often use removable memory cards or USB sticks to program their machines with voting data, and it is possible to “infect a memory card with malware that could crash a machine or alter vote totals.”

Funny how the Democrats now believe that their own recommendations made in their 2018 report are today “a threat to our democracy.”